A domain is a special address that you're able to acquire via a registrar company. All of the devices which are linked to the World-Wide Web, such as web servers, feature numeric addresses, or IP addresses, which are pretty hard to remember, so the domain name system was launched as an easy means to distinguish some website on the Web. As a result, your web site is available at www.domain.com instead of, for instance. Your domain name possesses two separate parts - the Second-Level Domain, that is the actual website name that you can choose, and the Top-Level Domain, that is the extension - .com, .net, .org and so on. You are able to register your new domain name from any type of registrar or transfer an existing domain name between registrars in a few easy steps. Whenever you choose to do the latter, your domain name shall be renewed instantly by the gaining registrar once the transfer process is finalized. Along with the generic Top-Level Domains, there're country-code ones as well. Many of them can be registered by anybody, while some others require local presence or a business license.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Web Hosting

Using our shared web hosting packages, you can register as many domains as you would like and manage them without difficulty. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-accredited registrar supplier for numerous domain extensions, which allows us to provide fast and reliable registration solutions. For all the other extensions we partner with some of the largest companies out there and for that reason, you're able to register domain names with more than 50 extensions from your web hosting Control Panel. If you get your account through us and you have domain names registered somewhere else, you are able to move them and control them conveniently from one place together with your website hosting space. Renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, and tailor-made domain name records are only a few of the functions that you can access for any of your domain names with just a couple of clicks using our feature-rich Domain Manager application.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Servers

With our semi-dedicated server plans, you'll be able to register as many domains as you want and handle them in one place with your hosting account using our multi-purpose Hepsia Control Panel. You'll be able to pick from over 50 country-specific & generic extensions and due to the fact that a lot of them have special requirements to be registered, we'll help you from the minute of your order up until the moment your domains are accessible on the Web. If you already have domain names via some other provider and you'd like to host them on our end, you can as well move them here because it'll be much more convenient to control everything using a single account rather than browsing through various systems. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-accredited registrar, which means that we're able to offer you swift registrations plus a large number of superior domain management options.

Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Servers

When you purchase a VPS server plan from our company, you can also register a brand new domain name for your prospective site throughout the account ordering process. If you'd like to have more domains, you are able to obtain them in bulk through the VPS Control Panel after that. Depending on your target country and the nature of your web sites, you are able to choose from 50+ different domain extensions then register your names with those that will match your specifications perfectly. Your new domains will be accessible on the net almost instantly since we are a certified registrar for most of the extensions and we work with the biggest registrars for the others. If you want to host domain names that are registered in a different place, you can also move them over and handle them from a single place using your VPS account. On our end, you'll have complete control of them, such as DNS control, which is a service that a number of other companies offer at a further charge.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers

We're a certified registrar, so when you obtain a dedicated server through our company, you will be able to register domains for your sites too. Our prices are very cost-effective and the registrations are almost split-second, therefore it won't take more than a couple of minutes before your brand new web sites go online. We'll help you with the registration process for all the extensions that have certain requirements and we'll make sure that your registration process goes as rapidly and as smoothly as possible. You'll be able to pick from 50+ TLDs, both country-code and generic ones, so you can select the suitable domain names for your websites considering the countries that you'd like to target and the kind of the sites that you will run on your server. In the event that you wish to host domains registered elsewhere, you can as well move them over and command everything comfortably in a single place.