The word overselling means offering resources to customers while lacking the capacity to provide them. In simple words, a hosting service provider may advertise a plan with limitless disk space when, in fact, the user's account will be created on a server with many different other accounts sharing the total space. To guarantee that all the consumers have their share, companies often set hidden quotas for every account and basically deceive their clients about the resources they'll get. The key reason to oversell is to get new customers although providers do understand that a web server can have only so many hard disk drives. Resellers regularly purchase packages with fixed resources as well, therefore they cannot provide the unlimited plans they offer.

No Overselling in Web Hosting

If you buy one of our web hosting plans, you'll receive what you've paid for without exceptions. We do not oversell and we will provide you with all of the system resources that you find on our Internet site for each of the plans. Even the features which are listed as unrestricted do not have hidden quotas and we are able to afford that as we use a very powerful custom website hosting platform. Instead of generating accounts on one server like a lot of companies do, we own clusters of servers taking care of each and every part of the Internet hosting service - file storage, database access, e-mail addresses, stats, and so on. Owing to this, the system resources are virtually limitless because we can continue adding hard drives or whole servers to the clusters. Unlike all mainstream Control Panels, our Hepsia tool was intended to work on such a platform.

No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Servers

We don't oversell not only because we do not believe in such practices, but also because we can really provide all characteristics which are offered with our semi-dedicated server packages, including the infinite ones. This can be done because of our innovative custom-built cluster platform which will allow you to utilize more resources than any other company can afford to provide with this kind of hosting. While the vast majority of of our competitors run everything on just a single server and their Control Panels are intended to work in such a way, we have separate clusters for the file storage, email addresses, databases, etcetera, and our Hepsia Control Panel was built to work on such a setup. Our semi-dedicated packages come with lots of unlimited attributes because we can expand any of our clusters by including extra machines, so the features we offer are in fact unlimited and you will not end up paying for something that you cannot really use.